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St. Bede School Uniform

Our uniform is designed to be inexpensive, practical, and unique to our school. Wearing uniform promotes a sense of school identity, and helps children learn to conform in a community - it also keeps fashion out of school.



St. Bede red polo shirt

St. Bede navy sweatshirt

Grey 'school' trousers or shorts

Brown/black/navy shoes.


St. Bede red polo shirt

St. Bede navy sweatshirt/cardigan

Grey skirt/pinafore

Grey trousers

Red or blue standard school summer dress

Brown/black/navy shoes.

P.E. (Boys & Girls)

St. Bede t-shirt in house colours

Navy shorts, trainers, or plimsolls for infants

Optional - tracksuit in cold weather


All the following are available from the school office on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 1.30pm and 3.30pm, during term time:

    St. Bede red polo shirt   

   Age 3 - 4      (24")   
   Age 5 - 6      (26")
   Age 7 - 8      (28")
   Age 9 - 10     (30")
   Age 11 - 12   (32")
   XS adult



   St. Bede sweatshirt



   Age 3 - 4      (24")
   Age 5 - 6      (26")
   Age 7 - 8      (28")
   Age 9 - 10    (30")
   Age 11 - 12   (32")
   XS adult
   S adult   

   Age 3-4
   Age 5-6
   Age 7-8
   Age 9-10
   Age 11-12
   X Small Adult





   PE House t-shirt


   Book Bag



If paying by cheque, please make cheques payable to 'St. Bede C of E Primary School'. The various uniform items are usually kept in stock. However, occasionally a particular size may be unavailable, so if you are making a special trip please phone the school office first to avoid an unnecessary journey. Alternatively, you can use our Uniform Order Form to purchase school items. These will then be delivered to you via your child.


The wearing of jewellery and nail varnish is not permitted. If ears are pierced, studs only may be worn but must be removed or taped over for P.E. A watch may be worn if it is named and not of any great value. Trainers are not allowed with uniform except in certain medical circumstances.


Parents are asked to do their best to help us maintain a smart appearance. Thank you.

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