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Global Ambassadors – Courageous Advocacy


This year we have a new responsibility role called Global Ambassadors.  Pupils in this responsibility team will continue our active participation in the Christian Aid’s’ Global Neighbours’ Scheme which provides us with a platform to further develop our children’s work as leaders for change in our local and wider community.  This week the group met with Mr. Metcalfe and have already identified a new project which will attempt to tackle the litter issue created by crisp packets at school and around the local area and help the world-wide environment by avoiding the countless amount of crisp packets that end up at landfill sites.


We have teamed up with Terracycle and have attached a flyer to this newsletter to show you what can be accepted as part of this project.  From Monday, a recycling bin for crisp packets in school will be positioned at the front office and we are very excited as a school to start making more of a difference and establishing more transformational change in ourselves as individuals and our local community!

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