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Global Ambassadors - Crisp Packet Challenge

This week the global ambassadors have been busy helping Mr Metcalfe package up the first box of recycled crisp packets.  Each global ambassador worked very hard this afternoon and after completing a few calculations, we believe that we have successfully collected 467 crisp packets. 


These will now be sent off for recycling and will not end up at a landfill site.  Thank you to everyone who has helped our campaign so far and together we need to keep up the good work!


The Global Ambassadors would like to remind everyone that it is much more helpful if you make sure that you place a flat crisp packet in the recycling bin rather than a scrunched up one. Following on with the eco theme, we are also at the first stage of having solar panels fitted to the school roof. It’s good to be involved in playing our part and making a positive difference!

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