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Google Classroom and Remote Learning FAQ’s

Staff report that there is a really positive engagement with Google Classroom and teachers are delighted by the quality of work being submitted.  So a huge thank you to those of you learning from home and a huge thank you to those supporting home learning. We understand the challenges of balancing learning and work and for many families, juggling the needs and demands of a number of children at home needing support and access to technology. You are doing a brilliant job- well done.


We have also appreciated the feedback from families supporting learning at home and are responding as quickly as possible to your suggestions. While we cannot offer everything being requested or suggested, we are trying to make sure that the offer for each year group is consistent. We are also looking at ways to provide verbal feedback when work has been submitted and to enable children to write on and submit pdf documents without having to convert them to Google docs.


So please bear with us, we are all learning together! Please see our Google Classroom and Remote Learning page: which we hope help in coming days and weeks.

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