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Harvest 2020-Non uniform day on Friday 16th October

Next week we will mark Harvest at St Bede, with a theme of ‘Harvest for the World’. During the week our assembly theme will explore how and why Harvest is celebrated and look at the impact of Global Warming on farming and harvests in many African countries.


Unfortunately, due to current restrictions we are unable to share our Harvest celebrations with the wider community but hope that you will still be willing to be involved. We are suggesting that children wear their own clothes to school next Friday- 16th October in return for a donation to the charity ‘Send a cow’ who work to support communities in rural Africa, including those in Rwanda, where we have links to a school. Please send donations in to school in a clearly marked envelope, with your child on Friday 16th.


We are aware that these donations tend to come from parents, so will also be asking children to make an eco pledge which they carry out such as walking, scooting or cycling all, or part of the way, to school, turning off lights in rooms when they leave or turning computer devices off completely rather than leaving them in sleep mode. We do hope that you will want to support us share these important messages and support those who are especially vulnerable.

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