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Internet Safety Week - WB 7th February

Next week in school we will be marking two national initiatives with children- Safer Internet Day on 8th February, where the theme is ‘All fun and games,’ exploring respect and relationships online. All children will spend time in lessons looking at matters which promote internet safety including how to respond if they see something online that they are uncomfortable with.


Using the internet safely and positively is a key message that we promote at St. Bede and celebrating Safer Internet Day is a great opportunity for us to re-emphasise the online safety messages we deliver throughout the year.  Our digital ambassadors will also be involved with reminding pupils about the need to make sure that they need to Be safe, ready and respectful when online.


In addition to this, we would be delighted if you could join in with us during the week by continuing conversations at home. To help you with this, you may be interested in downloading the free Safer Internet Day  Resources for Parents and Carers which is available at:


There are top tips, quizzes, and films which you can use at home with your child.

Some other resources which you may find helpful in supporting your child online are:



Online safety is an important issue which as a school we are committed to teaching our pupils about.  If you have any concerns or questions about keeping your child safe online, please do get in touch with your child’s teacher or Mrs Duck or Mr Metcalfe. 

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