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Maths success at Maths Competition

Congratulations to Ben and Miette who took part in a Year 5 maths competition at Stroud School on Tuesday 11th June, winning 1st place! The competition was extremely tough with 40 teams taking part.


Here is a report written by Ben and Miette:

It was fun to complete all of the different challenges. We arrived, had lunch and then went inside to begin. We were feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves. First, we took part in a trailblazer activity, which is where we were given a map of the school with different points marked on it. We had to navigate our way around, answering different questions. Then, we took part in the ‘see saw’ round. We had to take turns to answer a question and then had to pass our answer to our partner who then used it in their question. The pressure was on as we had to work in silence and one small mistake would affect our score. The third task was the countdown challenge. Similar to the TV show, we had to use six numbers to reach a different target. The clock was ticking and the atmosphere was tense!


We then gathered for afternoon tea (hotdogs and ice-lollies!) while the scores were calculated. We had no idea of where we would be placed.  When the headmaster called out our names for first place, we were both surprised and excited. It was a wonderful afternoon and we were thrilled with the result!

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