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New Playground Adventure Trail at St. Bede!

Today, our Head Boy and Head Girl were proud to open the new adventure trail here at St. Bede.  After cutting the tape, all the Year 6 pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves as they had the chance to try out all the new adventure trail challenges!


We are very grateful to Hampshire County Council and the HSA who have provided funding enabling us to purchase the equipment.  Hampshire have made a significant financial donation to help enable us to replace the fitness trail after the school site was flooded, and we are very grateful for their support.  The HSA provide the school with incredible support practically and financially and again, we are so grateful for their support.


As you will be aware from media reports, schools are facing challenging times financially, we plan our spending very carefully, committed to an ongoing development of resources available to give children the best learning and development experiences during their time at St Bede.

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