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School Photographer – Thursday 18th October – School Lunches

The school photographer will be visiting on Thursday 18th October to take individual photographs of children in the school.  We will organise for brothers and sisters who attend the school to be photographed together as well as individually.


Due to the lack of space at the school, since the removal of the temporary classrooms, we are unable to offer early morning photos this year for families.


To enable us to use the school hall on Thursday for the photograph session the kitchen staff will not be serving a traditional hot dinner to any child on this day.  The school cook and her team will be providing a packed lunch option which children will eat in classrooms (or outside if the weather is good). 


Children will still make their choices at the beginning of the day and lunches will be delivered to the classroom.


Red option, ham roll/sandwich, salad, fresh fruit

Green option, cheese roll/sandwich, salad, fresh fruit.

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