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Spotlight on Learning – Band 3

There is always something special going on at St Bede! This week, we wanted to share some of the exciting learning that Band 3 have been doing, which illustrates our commitment to curriculum breadth and creative learning opportunities, one of our strategic priorities this year.


Band 3 were all out on the quad this week, exploring some strange goings on that they went on to write about in their English lessons. Our digital ambassadors write:

Today, the 23rd of January 2018, in the early hours of school, a horrific incident occurred. On first inspection, it appeared that a tornado had ravaged the school. Further evidence was then found, including: a banana peel, droppings containing nuts, a Marwell zoo map, a Marwell zoo pencil and some hair. We also found some blood [which may not be blood] and footprints. As well as that, all the playground equipment had been scattered around causing havoc. This was a very suspicious incident and an investigation is currently underway in Band 3 English lessons.


Waynflete class took part in a ‘World Cup Reading Challenge’ with Mrs Natt, our Librarian. The aim of the challenge was twofold; to give the class the opportunity to work together collaboratively to choose their next class read and to introduce new books from the library. Working in small groups, they each explored a list of 32 books, reading extracts to each other, looking at the reviews and making judgements on what they liked and didn’t like.


After that came the ‘world cup draw’ to whittle down the choices. Rio said, “Wow! I really enjoyed it and it is a good way to choose a good book. It was hard when my favourite books were against each other!” Both Kaya and Eloise agreed, “It really was an interesting and fun way of choosing a new book.” The eventual winner was chosen which was ‘Cogheart by Peter Bunzl’, which won by just one vote. Mrs Natt has told me that lots of the shortlisted books have since been requested by children this week. It’s lovely to see so many children really enjoying reading. Keep up the good work Band 3!

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