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St. Bede Choir – Young Voices Performance O2 Arena, London

Yesterday evening our St. Bede School choir had the opportunity to take part in the ‘Young Voices’ experience, where our children became part of a massed choir (7,800 pupils) in the O2 arena in London. This was an amazing experience for all of us who had the privilege of attending and enjoying the sound of thousands of children singing in harmony performing all styles of music including folk, pop, rock and classical to an arena audience of family and friends. Thank you to everyone who came up and supported us.


Well done to everyone who participated in this new event and particular thanks to Miss Scotland and Mrs Selman for preparing the children so brilliantly! The children behaved beautifully and were so supportive of each other, they all made us very proud. This was a phenomenal event that I am sure give all the pupils who attended a memory to last a lifetime!


Sadly Miss Scotland is unwell and was unable to attend the concert yesterday. Get well soon Miss Scotland.

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