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St Bede HSA Christmas Fair and Year 6 Fundraising afternoon

A huge thank you to everyone who either came to support, helped or donated raffle prizes for the Christmas Fair.  Unfortunately, due to the poor weather conditions on Saturday for the Christmas Fayre, the Year 6 pupils were unable to run their traditional stalls and games. However, we are delighted to inform you that we have been able to organise for our Year 6 pupils to run their stalls and games this coming Friday afternoon (7th December).


All the children in the school will have the opportunity to visit the stalls and games which will be 20 pence per go. If parents would like their children to spend money at the stalls and games, please provide some small change in a named purse or envelope.


Our Year 6 pupils have been very keen to take a lead with the stall and games organisation which is fantastic and we are looking forward to what should be an enjoyable, fun and worthwhile afternoon.

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