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St. Bede Ski Team News

Thank you to Aleks, Digby and Cecilia for the following report and well done to the St Bede skiers, this is a new sport for us to be featuring but a fabulous achievement! 


On Sunday twelfth of May, twelve children from St Bede put on their skis and had a slalom competition in Southampton. We were racing slalom, where you have to turn around poles as fast as you can, down a course even though none of us had ever raced before. We all had three runs with our fastest time counting. We were all a bit nervous before we started although we all got good times and improved as the race moved on. It was quite scary to start with as most of the other children had practiced and looked like they had raced before. We were the biggest school team there and came 7th out of 12 schools in the primary section. The top three children in our school were Aleks, Cecilia and Gabriella, with times of 14.81, 17.22 and 17.32. We also had some brilliants saves, such as when Oliver managed to keep going with a ski coming off! The team was Aleks, Cecilia, Sophie, Anna, Theo, Harry, Juniper, Digby, Gabriella, Ben, Oliver and Peter.

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