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St. Bede U10 Football

On the 7th October St Bede U10 football team played in a tournament at Winchester College.  The Year 5 football team turned up ready and raring to go, all very excited to be part of the tournament. We were in group B against some very impressive teams. Our first match was in fact the first time the boys had played as a team and we took a little while to settle into our positions. Cheam had a very strong start and won the match 2-0, although a very special mention needs to go to our keeper, who saved an impressive amount of strong shots at goal during the match. The boys did not let their heads drop and soon after, they were flying into the next match against Sussex House winning 2-0. Our third round match saw us take on Twyford, who had beaten us in the plate final the year before. It was an incredibly closely fought match and ended in a draw at 0-0. This meant it was time for penalty shoot outs! We managed to clinch the win with some very impressive penalties and incredible saves. All the boys kept a cool head and supported each other throughout.


Finishing the first three matches with one loss, one win and a draw saw us head into the next round of matches to decide who would qualify for the Plate Final. Our first two matches of this round saw us get 2-0 wins under our belts, sending us into our final match looking strong. The final match of the qualifiers saw another draw putting us to penalties again, this time we were not so lucky, but due to our previous strong performances we were through to the Plate Final.


The boys were once again a fantastic team and we secured victory with a 2-0 final score. As champions, the boys secured a very shiny plate which the school have been shown when we celebrated the boys in worship time this week. The boys were positive, committed, and enthusiastic and worked hard for each other throughout the tournament. It was excellent to see the team spirit between them both on and off the pitch. They represented the school wonderfully and enjoyed a big piece of cake at the end of the day!

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