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Table Tennis Success!

On Wednesday 26th September, two St Bede Table Tennis teams took part in a team event against other local schools. Both teams approached the competition with real positivity and excitement.  The format of the competition meant that each team needed to work hard to gain as many individual points as possible in each of their matches. Once each member of the team had competed against their respective player from the opposition, they added the scores together to see which team had the most combined points.  Both teams had a fantastic start and were able to win lots of points. There was a huge amount of support from the side lines as the boys enthusiastically encouraged each other.


Waiting for the results of the matches was tense as the boys were unsure who would make it through to the final. St Bede team 1 had made it through but would it be a St Bede V St Bede final? Amazingly, there was a tie for the second spot in the final and St Bede team 2 had to play in a ‘play off’ match against a team from Otterbourne to secure a place in the final. It was a fantastic, fast and frantic play off with a fantastic buzz from everyone watching and hanging on every point from each member of the team! It was incredibly close but Otterbourne just clinched the victory taking them through to the final against St Bede team 1.


The final, once again had many ups and downs and nail biting rallies. The boys really kept their cool and held their nerve in the final stages to secure a win! The final points score was Otterbourne 31 and St. Bede 40.


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