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The Great Debate – Band Three (Year 5/6)


Last Friday, the Band 3 children participated in ‘The Great Debate’ as the outcome of this term’s history topic. The children spent four weeks perfecting some brilliant home learning projects on a significant figure from British history since 1066. These projects were then used as research for other groups to create a piece of art work and a persuasive speech. This was then used to persuade parents to vote for their historical figure to be elected as a member of the St Bede Governing body.


The children very much enjoyed participating in the event; they showed exceptional teamwork working alongside their peers from different classes; engaged staff, parents and carers with their powerful persuasive speeches and produced some impressive art work to represent their historical figure.


At the end of the event, parents were asked to vote for 8 out of the 15 possible candidates to become a member of the Governing body. The children were incredibly excited to hear the results, as were parents! Of the 15 candidates, the following eight were elected to the governing body (in no particular order):


Florence Nightingale

Mary Anning

Emeline Pankhurst

Jane Austen

Winston Churchill

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Charles Darwin

Isaac Newton


The results were very close and we want to say a final well done to all the children and a huge thank you to the parents who were able to attend and support the event.

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