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Wonky The Woodpecker

In conjunction with Winchester City Council, we were delighted to be involved in the opening of the new play area at Abbotts Walk today. Iwan Thomas, Olympic athlete and Strictly Come Dancing star, along with representatives from Winchester City Council joined the whole school for an assembly where they talked to the whole school about the ‘Where’s Wonky’ project. All children have today been given a competition application form to find ‘Wonky’ and his friends.

Below is some information from Winchester City Council regarding the project:

  1. Who is Wonky?
    Wonky is a Great Spotted Woodpecker who lives in our play area at Abbotts Walk. This is a new play area, which opened on 23 March 2017. When we were building the play area, a Great Spotted Woodpecker liked it so much that he decided to move in and make it his new home. After discovering he had moved in, we decided to name him Wonky.


Why is he called Wonky? He has a wonky beak!

Great Spotted Woodpeckers such as Wonky use their beaks to hunt for food and to drum on trees to tell other woodpeckers that this is their home. When Wonky arrived in Winchester, he first landed on the statue of Alfred the Great which is in the town centre. He was so tired that he thought it was a tree and when he pecked it, he bent his beak! We know Wonky is a young woodpecker because he has quite a large red patch on the top of his head which shows that he is not fully grown. Apart from this, we have no idea where Wonky came from, why he was on his own or why he was so tired.


If you have any ideas about why, please let us know! You can send them to us at and we will publish them on our website and ask Wonky whether your idea is right!


After arriving, Wonky soon spotted the lovely new play area at Abbotts Walk and decided to make it his home. He quickly made three friends there - a fox, an owl and a hedgehog. We don’t know the names of Wonky’s friends but cheeky Wonky has hidden clues around the play areas of Winchester to help us find out. To discover the names of Wonky's friends, simply complete the Wonky Walks which you can find out about on the Where’s Wonky Walks page by clicking here.


You can also visit Wonky in person from 23 March by visiting Abbotts Walk play area in Cassandra Road, Winchester and you can send us your pictures with him by emailing them to For more information, please visit our Wonky Fun page by clicking here.


If you’d like to find out more about Great Spotted Woodpeckers, there are lots of interesting facts on our Wonky Fun page but you can find out even more by visiting the following websites:

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