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Year 2 Winchester’s Military Museums and Discover Arts Award

Last Thursday and Friday, Year 2 pupils visited Winchester’s Military Museums to begin their new art topic, ‘colour and weaving’, as well as completing a series of art based activities to earn their ‘Discover Arts’ Award. This award aims to give greater opportunity for children to create and enjoy art and is managed by Arts Council England and Trinity College London. Throughout their day at the museums, pupils undertook a series of activities designed to encourage creativity where they discovered and engaged with different types of art work.


The children very much enjoyed designing their own military medals, sketching museum objects, analysing the paintings of Terence Cuneo and painting large scale flags based on rhythm and music. It was a truly wonderful and creative experience for everyone. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will continue to build on our learning at the Military Museums and use our careful observation of museum objects to complete a series of woven projects, which will complete our Discover Arts Award.


Thanks to our partnership with Winchester’s Military Museums in this project, the children will also have the opportunity to share their works of art with you and the public in an exhibit at the museums.

Staff at all the museums commented on the good behaviour of the children and how lovely it was to see them so excited during all the creative learning opportunities given. Thank you children for being great ambassadors for the school and thank you parents for all your support in ensuring the trip could go ahead!


We will keep you posted on when the children’s art will be available for viewing at the museums and look forward to seeing you there!

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