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Year 3 trip to Marwell Zoo

On Tuesday 15th October, Year 3 travelled to Marwell Zoo. The children had a fantastic time; they loved seeing all the animals and finding out facts about the different species. As we walked through the Tropical House, the children discovered what it would be like to be in a rainforest biome -seeing for themselves the plant life, variety of bird life and tropical fish species as well as the pygmy marmosets and of course the infamous two-toed sloth!


During the rainforest workshop, the children learnt about the layers of the rainforests and its inhabitants as well as the products that the rainforest provides us in our daily lives. The highlight (for most of the children) was the opportunity to stroke a hissing cockroach and a python! The children upheld all our school values and were inspired, by the visit, to learn and find out more about the rainforest.

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