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Growing Together

Centenary Celebration Procession

St. Bede had a wonderful day celebrating 100 years of our long-lasting school.


St Bede has had lots of different names such as Holy Trinity School, Danemark School and St. Bartholomew's School. Our school was once mainly for boys. The School opened on the 5th September 1912.


On Friday 23rd September 2011 everyone dressed up (including a few parents) in clothes from past decades and had lots of fun parading around Winchester. The costumes were very creative; lower down in the school we were delighted to see lots of Elvis Presleys and Spice Girls, then higher up in the school we saw Charlie Chaplin, a bunch of flapper girls, some suffragettes  not forgetting the hippies in Band 2!


The walk took us on a route around previous locations of our school and Alison Royall (one of our governors) told us lots of interesting facts about our school history.


We took a big school picture so that we could remember the wonderful day that we had had!


We sang our school song written by one of our past head teachers like we do on all our special days.


By Libby Farren- Price