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Strategic Plan Summary

St Bede C of E Primary School

School Strategic Plan 2022-2024

These are the initial priorities as a result of SSE. The SSP is designed to reflect the priorities for school development over a two year period.

Longer term priorities are identified alongside more detailed, short term plans for the current school year. Working with all leaders, we will produce termly ‘Raising Attainment Plans’ in each year group, to detail specific plans focussed on pupil outcomes and teaching strategies to achieve our objectives. This is a highly responsive process to ensure challenge remains high.




The mission of St Bede Church of England Primary School is to inspire a lifelong love of learning in happy, fulfilled and confident children.

In achieving this mission, we will grow together as individuals and as a community of children, teachers, support staff, parents and carers to become active and valuable citizens, now and in the future.

We will do this by:

  • Encouraging excellent teaching and learning
  • Upholding Christian values, while respecting other faiths and cultures
  • Caring for ourselves, our community and our environment
  • Seeking knowledge, skills and understanding
  • Exploring new ways with imagination and creativity
  • Nurturing independent, responsible young people who are proud to say ‘We are the children of St Bede’.



The leadership team, in consultation with staff and governors have identified the following five areas as key strategic priorities over the academic year from 2022-2024. Other areas for development, linked to national and local directives may be added to these priorities as required.

  1. Develop teaching and learning to ensure consistently excellent teaching across all classes and subjects leading to outcomes for pupils that match or exceed national standards.

  2. Develop teaching of reading so that all children acquire skills to enable them to read effectively and enjoy doing so.

  3. Develop approaches across the school in written maths strategies, ensuring consistency between classes, and strong outcomes for all.

  4. Further develop the role of subject leaders across the school to ensure that children receive a broad and balanced curriculum from skillful and knowledgeable practitioners.

  5. Further develop approaches to inclusion, supporting staff to meet the needs of all pupils so that behavior is at least good and learning outcomes are strong for all pupils, including those in minority or focus groups.


Each of these strategic priorities is broken down into an individual action plan. All plans are reviewed termly and are actions and outcomes are monitored by senior leaders and governors. In addition, each subject leader creates an action plan for their subject, addressing the main school strategic priorities and any other issues specific to their subject, these are reviewed by the standards, teaching and learning governors committe