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The key message that we have learnt about this value is that Democracy means 'rule by the people‘. It comes from comes from the Greek words dêmos, which means people, and krátos which means rule or strength.  This is because the idea of democracy developed in Greece in about 507BC.


At St. Bede we have the opportunity to have our voices heard through our St. Bede School Council. The elections of members of the St. Bede School Council are based on pupil votes just like members of parliament.


The impact that democracy has on our children at St Bede:


Children at St. Bede learn how to respect the outcome of a democratic process through the different responsibility positions that are elected throughout the school. Children learn how to manage the feelings of elation and disappointment depending on the result of election. They learn to help make decisions and share ideas as individuals and in groups, confident that their pupil voice will have a respectful and active audience. They understand their responsibilities to each other, the school and the wider community.