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St. Bede Online Learning Strategy – March 2020 - EYFS


This online learning strategy has been created to enable students to continue their education if they are away from St. Bede CE Primary School.


This strategy is designed to:


- Ensure the well-being and safety of children and staff.

- Provides a series of lessons and associated resources to support children’s learning.

- Ensures a consistent approach across the school with clear expectations for children,

  parents and staff.

-supports families to enable them to continue distance learning.


All children will have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities that have been carefully created by their teachers.


Online Website and Learning Activities for EYFS.



Picture Match


Buried Treasure


Picnic on Pluto


Forest Phonics


For digraphs: ng, ee, ch, nk, ay, sh, th, ow


Hanging Monkeys


For practising reading CVC words

Letter Planet


For digraphs: sh, ch, th

Tell a T-Rex


For digraphs: oo, igh, or, ou, ir, ow, oy, ar, ow, ay, ee, oo



Counting on and back


Number bonds to 10 – try using 3 pipes to make 10


Adding and subtraction




Using your child’s interests, ask your child to write some simple sentences. Encourage finger spaces between words; sounding out each word themselves and writing down the sound they can hear; remembering to include keywords eg. said, go, to; and any wow words to make their writing more interesting.