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Our Links with Rwanda

Rwanda Visit - February 2020

Mrs Duck, our headteacher, was invited to visit Rwanda during February half term 2020. She travelled with a small team from Winchester Diocese to make links with schools in the Shyogwe Diocese. The visit included time spent in schools, observing teaching, meeting with staff and supporting play and learning of children. She also helped to lead a conference for Rwandan head teachers and pastors, sharing ideas for developing approaches to teaching and learning. We hope that the visit will create lasting links where we can learn and grow together, putting our values of love, peace, courage, trust and friendship into action.


Mrs Duck took the Bede Bears to Rwanda to share in the experiences she had. They learned a lot about Rwandan life and were very popular with the children!




Mrs Duck and the bears learned about looking after yourself in Rwanda. We all remembered to drink bottled water and to use it to clean our teeth. We also made sure to sleep under mosquito nets. None of us wanted to get poorly and we didn't. We all came back to St Bede safely, having had some wonderful experiences.




While in Rwanda Mrs Duck and the bears enjoyed visiting a number of schools. We played with parachutes and french skipping, resources that had been bought through fundraising activities at school.






Diocese Newsletter - March 2020 - Rwanda