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The Rule of Law

The Rule of Law: 


The key message that we have learnt about this value is that living under the rule of law helps to protect us and is essential for our safety and well-being. There are rules which govern the whole country, govern our school and govern our class. We looked at the values and reasons behind laws, the responsibilities that this involves and the consequences when laws are broken.


We are always trying to keep to the school expectations of: Be Safe, Be Ready and Be Respectful and live to the school values of Love, Peace, Courage, Trust and Friendship. If we break any of these, we are asked to think about the impact of this on an individual level and a wider level by looking at how this has impacted on others.


The impact The Rule of Law has on our children at St Bede:


Children at St. Bede show respect for the rules and the law. They understand their responsibilities and the consequence of their behaviour. They feel safe in a secure and respectful environment. There are many opportunities throughout the year for children in all year groups to set a good example for other children to follow. In Year 6, all pupils are given the opportunity to take on a responsibility role in the school which includes modelling the school’s values and expectations to others.


“Relationships at all levels are highly positive. Consequently, pupils grow in confidence and achieve very well from their starting points because their individual needs are continually provided for within the context of a caring Christian community.”  (Siams 2018)