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Growing Together

Mutual Respect

Mutual Respect:


The key message that we have learnt about this value is that we need to show mutual respect to others because it means you care about other people’s feelings. It means that we treat other people they way we want to be treated which can be difficult especially when others have not shown mutual respect. We looked at the idea that people can see things from different points of view (6 and a 9) and we need to learn to respect different points of view.


We are always trying to “Be Respectful” as one of our key expectations and this means that all members of the school community treat each other with mutual respect. In addition to this, we warmly welcome all visitors and newly arrived children and their families to our St. Bede family.


The impact that Mutual Respect has on our children at St Bede:

Children at St. Bede show mutual respect to everyone they meet. They respect and value theirs and other’s achievements and opinions. People feel valued and welcomed at our school.


“Pupils are encouraged to very maturely challenge one another’s and their own opinions and views. This leads to deeper thinking and promotes excellent attitudes to learning. For example, pupils adeptly and sensitively say in lessons, ‘I don’t quite agree with...because....’ This further develops the outstanding quality of children’s moral and social development.”  (Siams 2018)