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Day Four Little Canada 


Waka Waka was the theme for the day! Greeted by dancing children this morning upon wake up, Year 6 leapt out of bed with enthusiasm for a day of activities!


Today’s sessions were all based on height! From the exhilaration of the Giant Swing in the morning, the tricky Vertical Challenge and even the most feared Trapeze! Year 6 (and teachers!) showed resilience and perseverance; conquering their fears and feeling very pleased with their achievements.


Tonight was a mix of an early night for some tired campers (please note that is why the group looks a little smaller in the picture this evening) and a quiz show for the rest.  


We have had an amazing week away and we are all looking forward to being back at St Bede tomorrow.


See you soon!

Day 3 Little Canada 


After a lively rendition of 'baby shark' as today's alarm clock, Year 6 managed to drag themselves out of bed for another wonderful breakfast, ready for the day's activities. Today we had an amazing array of sessions, the most popular being Dragon Boat Racing! We rowed, raced and showed our fantastic teamwork on the water! We also zipped wired across the PGL site, solved some rather tricky challenges in Problem Solving and displayed sharp shooting accuracy with Archery! 


This evening consisted of a game of 'Ambush', hiding in teams around the site (a big game of hide and seek!) a firm favourite! 


Another fantastic day awaits tomorrow!  

Little Canada Day 2


After a restful night’s sleep in our accommodation and a hearty breakfast, Year 6 were ready for a full day of activities!  


Climbing the huge rungs of Jacob’s ladder, mastering the low ropes course, learning to survive in the wilderness, applying our Year 6 Geography skills in orienteering and finally the ever-changing weather climate in sensory trail! A few muddy children to say the least!


Our evening was followed by a live-action game of Cluedo to solve the secret mystery of PGL!  


All very excited for day three!  

Day One Little Canada. 


What a fantastic first day at Little Canada!  After waving off St Bede and a short coach journey down to Southampton, Year 6 enjoyed a smooth ferry ride across to the Isle of Wight.


After getting very excited at seeing our accommodation we enjoyed a tour of the site and an array of culinary delights for dinner. We then sang songs and listened to some tall tales around the campfire.


All very excited for what day two will bring! 

Calshot Day 2


After a brilliant day yesterday, day 2 had a lot to live up to. Fortunately, it didn't disappoint!


The day started with some problem solving, where the children had to use some impressive teamwork to complete a series of tricky challenges. After that, they took part in skiing, ringos and faced the dizzying heights of the team swing!


Tomorrow, we hope to get out on the water to complete some kayaking! We 'll keep our fingers crossed that the weather is kind to us. 

Calshot Day 1


What fun Year 4 has had on their first day at Calshot!


After a hearty lunch, they enjoyed some orienteering of the site in the bright sunshine before starting their activities. Today, they took part in both climbing and archery and it was lovely to see how the children supported each other and celebrated their successes. The excitement continues this evening as, after dinner, some children will work on a team building activity whilst others will relax with a film night. We already can't wait for tomorrow! 

Year 6 Little Canada Residential - September 2023 - Information Guide

Little Canada Day Four


Our last full day is almost at an end and it has been full of fun, adventure and laughter!  It has been fantastic listening to how the children have really enjoyed the activities and their time together; away from school in a new environment.


The children have been brilliant and it certainly looks like an exciting year ahead for our Year 6 pupils!  The children have followed the school rules for being safe, ready and respectful and it has been great to see the way in which they have supported each other to ensure that individuals have the chance to overcome their fears and achieve their goals!


We are looking forward to seeing everyone again when we arrive back at St. Bede at approximately 4.15pm.  Please note that if this arrival time changes then this webpage will be updated at the top of the page to indicate the new arrival time.


Well done to everyone for another amazing day here at Little Canada!  

Little Canada Day 3


As another very successful day draws to a close, it has been amazing to witness and hear about all the adventures and the pride felt from overcoming different fears.  It has also been a pleasure to see the children living out the school values and working together in different team environments!


Well done to everyone for another great day at Little Canada!

Little Canada Day 2


Well day two has certainly been an excellent one as we have completed so many different challenges!  We have been working very well in our different groups and it has been brilliant to see everyone challenging themselves to try new things and the smiles on faces when success has come has been amazing!


We are currently completing the Little Canada quiz night and the competition is extremely close and the questions are tough!


Well done to everyone for a great second day at Little Canada!

Little Canada Day 1


Well the first day is now over and what a great day it has been!  We all enjoyed our special campfire this evening and singing songs to “Larry” the campfire.  It has been great to see the way in which children have been supporting each other and working as a team!


We will use a different camera tomorrow and hopefully the picture quality will be much improved!


So lights out and we are all looking forward to Tuesday’s activities!