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Clean Air Project News

This week our Eco Reps spoke in band worships to talk about their involvement in The Clean Air Project run by the My Journey Hampshire Travel Team. This coincided with Clean Air Day which raises awareness of the importance of clean air for our health and the environment. The Eco Reps have been busy collecting several measurements of air quality using a Plume Flow Meter on and around the school site such as the playground, Gordon Road and St Peter’s car park. With the exception of one reading in St Peter’s car park (which was temporarily high), all other readings were green giving a reading of low pollution. The children were delighted with this result and are now keen to maintain good air quality in and around school.


The Eco Reps want to encourage as many people as possible to travel to school by walking, cycling, scooting or park and stride. They are holding a competition for children to design a poster to be displayed in school. The poster needs to encourage others to walk or wheel to school to keep the air clean. If your child would like to take part, please return posters by Friday 28th June to the school office. Your child’s name and year group needs to be on the back.  Well done Eco Reps.


Quotes from our Eco Reps:


  • I liked learning about how to persuade people by being positive rather than negative.
  • It was interesting to think that cavemen were the first humans to start polluting the air by burning fires. Humans have been polluting the air a really long time!
  • Did you know that road traffic is the biggest cause of air pollution in towns and cities?
  • We need clean air when we walk to school. Otherwise it is bad for our heart and lungs.
  • We want to breath clean air and not the fumes from cars.