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National Hedgehog Awareness

This term the children enjoyed celebrating National Hedgehog Awareness Week. Below are some of the tips that we have learned and would like to share with you:

· Link your gardens. Hedgehogs roam between 1 -2 km each night. It is very important that they can walk through small holes in the walls and fences of our gardens.
· Create a wild corner in your garden. If you can, let plants go MAD in a part of your garden so that they can provide a nest for a hibernating hedgehog in the winter and/or a home in the summer. There will also be lots of insects there for hedgehogs to eat and you may even encourage more wildflowers and more bees into that area too!
· Hedgehogs can get tangled up in litter. Make sure there is no rubbish in your garden. If there are any nets, protecting plants or just sitting about make sure they’re safe so hedgehogs can’t get stuck there.
· A well-arranged pile of logs could be a wonderful home for a hedgehog, or maybe you could persuade an adult to build you a hedgehog home for your garden! Find instructions online.

Thank you to Mrs Williamson and Mrs Taylor for preparing and setting up our Hedgehog trail at school.