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St Bede School Choir take part in Young Voices at the O2

On Wednesday 17th January, 26 pupils from our school choir went to the O2 in London for the ‘Young Voices’ concert. Our children became part of a massed choir of over 8700 children. We were so proud of the beautiful singing from our own choir and of their behaviour in a demanding day. There was such a sense of joy and celebration that evening.


Kiera, our Head of Music, reflected on the event.   ‘We had a rehearsal and went through all the songs. There were some special guests; MC Grammar, an amazing 13 year old drummer and a jazz singer.  We had an amazing concert.’


A huge thank you to Miss Scotland for leading the trip and for leading our school choir at their rehearsals each week and to Mrs Cornter and Mrs Lockyer who accompanied the trip and joined in with such enthusiasm and style. Congratulations to all the children involved who can now say that they performed at the O2 and thank you to the parents who managed to come and see their children perform and to those who came out in the cold late at night to get their weary singers home.